Welcome to Algorithmic Biology Laboratory
The Algorithmic Biology Lab research focuses on quantitative modeling of various life phenomena at cellular and molecular levels. In particular, ABL research includes modeling RNA structure and ncRNA-mRNA interactions, de novo assembly of short and long sequencing reads for genomic and transcriptomic studies, de novo genomic variation detection, synthetic biology, bionics, and robotics. ABL is directed by Dr. Chitsaz and is located in the Computer Science Building on the Colorado State University campus.

Synergistic single-cell genomics
Our work on synergistic co-assembly of multiple related single-cell genomes has been accepted in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, Genomic Assay Technology.

Shedding light on differentiation mechanism in embryogenesis
Ali Sharifi-Zarchi's interesting work on characterization of differentiation mechanism in early embryogenesis has appeared in BMC Systems Biology.

Narjes S. Movahedi Tabrizi's Master's defense
Narjes S. Movahedi Tabrizi successfully defended her master's thesis on co-assembly of single cells.

Paper accepted @ CDC 2014
NUROA, an approximation of the Canny's roadmap using the Lasserre's polynomial optimization method will appear at the 53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) 2014. For more details, check the preprint here.

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