Welcome to Algorithmics Laboratory
The Algorithmics Lab research focuses on application of algorithms in various real-life problems including self-driving vehicle technology, robot motion planning, optimal control, and quantitative modeling of various life phenomena at cellular and molecular levels, e.g. RNA structure and RNA-RNA interaction prediction, de novo assembly of short and long DNA sequencing reads, de novo genomic variation detection, and synthetic biology.

Transcriptomic analysis of gonadotropes
The results of our collaboration with Dr. Colin Clay's lab on enrichment of gonadotropes in sheep and their transcriptomic analysis has just been published in Biology of Reproduction.

Cell Identity Codes (CIC)
Our novel compression (coding) of gene expression profiles into low dimensional vectors, called Cell Identity Codes, has just been published in Scientific Reports.

Nonlinear SVM via AUC maximization
Check out our results on a fast and scalable method for AUC maximization in nonlinear SVM at Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases 2019.

Draft of a Japanese worm genome
The first genome draft of a japanese member of the planarians, characterized in collaboration with the Agata lab, has just been published in Zoological Letters. Make sure to check our genome browser for it.

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